Congratulations to the Winners of the 2022 Chapter Awards

Please congratulate the dedicated volunteers who were honored at this year’s Annual Meeting with our Chapter Awards for 2022! 


Hiking Chair Steve Galla

For a member who embodies the spirit of our chapter and inspires others by leading, mentoring, or encouraging leadership or activity for AMC this year.

“Steve took on the role of Hiking Committee Chair at a challenging time with the number of leaders and hikes still not rebounding after the pandemic. He has made it his mission to get members and our community outdoors. Steve is an active hiking leader and mentor. He encourages others to become leaders, removes barriers, and is always available and accessible to assist volunteers and members.”

AMBASSADOR AWARD: Dionne C. Monsanto

For a member who encourages others to participate with AMC or promotes AMC and our Chapter by recruiting, advocating, and speaking for or representing AMC at events (including in office, outside venue or related to an activity), etc. this year.

“Dionne started participating with the Chapter’s DEI committee a couple of years ago, as a featured wellness speaker at a BIPOC women’s meeting.  She quickly became a regular participant and contributor to the DEI committee. Dionne is a yoga and dance instructor as well as a gifted public speaker, has taken AMC leader training, canoe/kayak and hike leader/co-leader training, and led yoga/dance events at the Stephen & Betsy Corman AMC Harriman Outdoor Center (CHOC) and at Fire Island. Her poise, grace, big smile and talents make Dionne a worthy ambassador for the Chapter.”


The Unsung Hero Award is given to the member who supports the Chapter behind the scenes, in less visible or celebrated ways. This may include handling membership or communication initiatives, trails work or public service, other committee work, or record keeping, etc.

“Perhaps no one has dedicated more care and attention to the Chapter than John Allman. Week after week, he’s poured his passion and formidable financial acumen into the Chapter and AMC community at large, serving as the Chapter Treasurer and a representative in the Club-wide finance advisory group. He’s known for creating financial reports exceeding all expectations and advising the Executive Committee on planning, procedures, expenditures, and excess reserves. He’s also a member of the Greater New York Committee, ensuring that the interests of Chapter members are represented. 

Beyond that, John is a champion for DEI initiatives and a staunch supporter of the AMC mission, advancing ideas and opportunities for the Chapter to uphold our commitment to the community. His work has had a multiplier effect, because it directly enables every other volunteer and participant in the Chapter to be successful. His encouragement, creativity and partnership with other leaders is truly appreciated.”

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