2023 Annual Summit Leadership Award Winners, David Hartree and R.J. Lau!

Please give a huge and well-deserved congratulations to David Hartree and R.J. Lau, NY/NoJ chapter members who received awards at the AMC’s annual summit in Norwood Massachusetts in January 2023.

R.J. Lau

RJ Lau worked with Amanda Knight of the NH chapter as lead organizers for the Rumney Together Climbing Festival in the White Mountains, bringing together over 100 people for a weekend. The inclusive event featured clinics and affinity spaces, providing an opportunity for historically marginalized and underrepresented climbers could meet and enjoy time with other climbers. With support from partner organizations and outdoor retailers, the event included a land acknowledgement, observance of Juneteenth, celebration of Gay Pride month, bonfires, raffles, and presentations. 

David Hartree

David has dedicated generous amounts of his time to AMC for more than 15 years, including as Conservation Committee chair, an Executive Committee member, and one of the Chapter’s top five hike leaders for the past decade. In addition to his committee roles, David coordinates activities with neighboring chapters, organizes Earth Day events and champions the chapter’s participation in iNaturalist. In short, David exemplifies what it means to be an AMC volunteer.


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