The Climbing Committee of AMC’s New York-North Jersey Chapter offers a wide range of events geared towards climbers of all abilities. We are a group of climbers from all different backgrounds with a passion for helping others climb safely and more importantly, have fun doing it. 

We’re frequently found during the week at our local home gym, The Cliff at LIC. On the weekends you’ll find us at the Gunks outside New Paltz, New York, Peter’s Kill at Minnewaska State Park, Powerlinez in Ramapo, Hanging Mountain in western Massachusetts, or ice climbing in Catskills and Adirondacks. Keep an eye on AMC’s Activities Database for upcoming events. 

What climbing activities do we offer?

Skill-building workshops

  • Top Rope Anchor Building: The workshop will focus on getting participants acquainted with the basics of anchor building as well as practicing building and testing various configurations.
  • Gym to Rock Workshop: This workshop is intended to expose new climbers to climbing outdoors and establishing the basic skills to safely climb outside. This course will primarily emphasize skill building rather than climbing, although we will put the skills to use.
  • Intro to Outdoor Lead: This event will focus on getting participants accustomed to climbing sport lead outside at the local crag and will emphasize the transition from gym leading to outdoor.

Climbing trips

  • Top Rope Outing: This event will focus on climbing outdoors on top-rope, with an emphasis on proper outdoor etiquette, basic safety/awareness, and climbing techniques. This is a climbing-focused event rather than instruction.
  • Sport Outing: This event will focus on getting participants to access to sport climbing, with an emphasis on proper outdoor etiquette and basic safety/awareness. This is a climbing-focused event rather than instruction.

Other ways to get involved with AMC Climbing

  • Volunteering with other organizations for maintenance and cleanup
  • Advocacy for crag access and responsible/ethical climbing
  • Participation in inclusion initiatives like adaptive climbing and family-oriented events.

Feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions about upcoming trips, learning to climb, gear recommendations, resources, or anything else.

For those looking to become trip leaders, email us.

For up-to-date information on AMC NY-NoJ Climbing, blogs, trip photos, and much more, visit our website.