Welcome to the main Conservation page of the Appalachian Mountain Club’s New York-North Jersey Chapter. The Chapter promotes conservation efforts in New York and New Jersey and supports AMC Club-wide conservation efforts. We encourage local advocacy such as writing to elected officials and attending town meetings, employ members’ expertise and enthusiasm for conservation work at Chapter level, and promote conservation awareness as an integral part of Chapter-organized recreational activities.

The Chapter covers an area containing unique ecosystems created by the Hudson River as well as the nation’s largest city and a diverse population. The Conservation Committee welcomes comments, suggestions, and insights from AMC members on conservation matters affecting New York and New Jersey. Contact us at

What you can do to support conservation

Confronting climate change and other environmental issues can seem like a daunting task, but there’s a lot you can do as an individual. Get started today:

Take action on environmental issues in New York and New Jersey

Make your voice heard on pressing conservation issues such as transportation alternatives and clean energy by contacting elected representatives. Visit our Take Action on Issues page to generate pre-filled emails to decision makers. You can also use the messages as phone call scripts. Let us know what you’re concerned about by emailing